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I tried drawing it in Layton’s art style but I miserably failed ; 7 ;/

In the spring we made a boat, out of feathers out of bones…~


My good sir, may I ask if you even lift?

My good sir, may I ask if you even lift?


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Opening commissions for the first time for summer! I wasn’t able to get a job this summer due to being too busy, so I thought I would give it a try to help out with future spending. 

My commissions will be paid through Paypal!

Send me a fanmail or an ask if you are interested. Feel free to ask any questions about requests or anything else, or to reference an example/past work of mine for a certain drawing style. I’m pretty flexible, but I will not do anything nsfw. Blood and the such are alright, though!

I will be unable to work from July 20-25 on a trip, but I will be still accepting requests, and be working on the commissions before/after that.

Payments will be done via Paypal Donate Button, which can be found on my blog’s sidebar!

Thank you!





ok, so I was drawing centaurs, yeah, and then WHAT IF WE REVERSE THE CENTAUR ??

I’m ffffffricking 6 feet under