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Annnnnns adieu I’ll come back to post art.

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Have a nice day.

Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky ED
「 ふゆみどり // Fuyumidori 」 

I finally received my birthday present and can anyone believe what I see here?

An A&Z shirt!

I want to thank my sibling for working this hard and for the wonderful gifts! I’m going to wear this shirt a lot!

A&Z announcement, after forever!

Hello everyone! Sorry for such a long break! Today we have some news about A&Z and we are proud to say we made some modification to some designs and even some more characters!

Here are the new characters added into the list!

  • Regis Argall
  • Niobe
  • Juno

Upgraded designs are

  • Scarlett Rose
  • Sh’Yvonne

There’s also some costumes that was made up in the progress in which we will probably rework the A&Z page to include them!

If you have any comments, questions, words of encouragements or noticed a problem in the list, I suggest you to leave us an ask, anonymous or not in Blake’s askbox or mine!

Reminder that you can access the Masterlist by simply going on my page and clicking on ”A&Z reference sheet ” in the options on the left of the page!!

Just like this! ( For those who are scared of the playlist, it’s just wind track. )

For those who want to access it right now, here is the link

I wish you all a very nice day!

Thank you Jin for this anime

New hood for Hassan! I wanted to show the front side and draw Leonardo’s new design!


I Was Going To Reblog That Post Until I Saw The String Of “You Are Heartless If You Don’t Reblog This” Comments And Now I’m Scrolling Past It Out Of Spite

a musical number written, arranged, and choreographed by me


what if konoha’s memories were to come back…and he reconogize ene…